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PCG Annual Conference 2016

'UK construction: planning for the future'

Our PCG annual conference provides an opportunity for you to pose questions to industry thought leaders and get industry updates first hand. 

The most recent event took place on Thursday 24 November 2016.

Every PCG conference seeks an honest discussion about the main challenges facing the construction industry and this year was no exception.

The theme ‘Planning for the future’ set out to explore future of the construction industry over the coming decade. Cathy Newman provided an overview of the conference’s programme, which focused on devolution, the housing crisis, and the skills shortage.

Click here for the full PCG 2016 agenda.

Our keynote speaker was Lord Heseltine, someone who has not only run a very successful business (Haymarket Publishing) but has been in politics at the highest level for decades. You can read more about his keynote address here.

In addition to Lord Heseltine, Phil Kirby, chief executive of Broadlands District council spoke about the rural perspective in a devolution head to head that has a city (Manchester) debating with a rural perspective. There was also much discussion about the implications of Brexit for the construction industry as well as exploration of mobilising the public sector to build more homes and approaches to overcoming skills deficits.

For further information on any of the topics discussed, or future events, contact the NFB policy team on 03450 578 162.

      PCG host, Cathy Newman and NFB Chief Executive, Richard Beresford 

      Rt Hon The Lord Heseltine - opening keynote speaker 

      The Earl of Lytton - housing keynote speaker

      Housing panel - Cathy Newman, Peter Martin, Robin Upton, Terry Fuller and the Earl of Lytton 

      Skills debate panel - Malcolm Clarke, James Hastings, Christine Townley and Professor Brian Morgan


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