Construction industry training

Industry leading training designed for leadership & management

Whilst most industry training focuses around the people ‘on the tools’, our ILM training modules are designed to upskill and develop the current and future leaders within your business.

Whether you are an experienced manager looking to enhance your leadership skills for an ever-changing workforce, or you’re seeking to step into a leadership position for the first time, our training is filled with practical advice and real-world scenarios designed to help you navigate any issues that you might face in your career.

Construction Training

Why use NFB for training?

As one of the UK’s longest standing trade federations, our goal has always been to create a better industry for all. We believe effective training for leadership teams lies at the heart of this.

  • A selection of fully funded courses
  • Access sponsored places on ILM modules
  • Experts in learning styles and accessibility
  • Request custom training to be built for your business

Whilst there is plenty of training out there for the people 'on the ground' in construction, the feedback from our members was that they struggled to find courses and modules that were centred around creating better leaders and managers within their teams.

We’ve seen with our own eyes that when a business invests in it’s future leaders and their professional development, it can have a massive impact across the entire business, improving not only culture, but also efficiency and profitability.

James Butcher
Director of Strategy and Operations National Federation of Builders

Construction Training

The NFB offers best-in-class construction training for leaders and management teams within businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As part of our commitment to elevating the construction industry as a whole, we want to make this training as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer a range of both fully funded courses for businesses, and also sponsored places on ILM courses for our members.

We can also build out custom training modules for your teams. Most educational programs are tailored for a singular learning style, which can reduce employee engagement. Instead, we ensure that all learning and assessment styles are considered, to give an equal and accessible opportunity for all members to upskill.

If you’d like to level up your leadership team, join as an NFB member and let us guide you through how we can help.