Top 100 Influential Women in Construction

Aimed at showcasing women in the sector in order to make female and non-binary role models more visible and accessible.

This year marks the start of real change for the Industry, aimed at showcasing women in the sector in order to make female and non-binary role models more visible and accessible.

These nominations help to shine a light on those that are working to support Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity across the Industry through their actions and support of others.

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Local Heroes

This category highlights Women that are working at an operational or site level in construction.

Local heroes for the following regions:

  • Southern
  • Eastern
  • Midlands
  • Southwest
  • Northwest
  • Northeast
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Allies are important for several reasons. One crucial component involves using their influence to support inclusion and change.

This category is for Male Allies who are active in their support for women in construction as well as women who work supporting others in construction but that are not directly employed within the industry.

This category is for Women that are leading the industry within the Client, Contractor or Design sector.
Influential List within the following subcategories:

  • Client Influencer
  • Designer Influencer
  • Contractor Influencer

One to Watch
This category is for individuals that are relatively new to the industry (as a guide 3 years or under) that are blazing a trail in championing equality, diversity, inclusion and equity within the construction industry

Woman on the Tools

This category is for any woman that works within the trade.

The judging
Once the list of nominations has been compiled, a group of independent judges will use various criteria, including achievements, potential, leadership skills and the influence of each nominee, to decide a shortlist.

An independent panel will then decide the overall winners for each category.

The order of the top 100 is then decided by the judges, taking into consideration votes, and announced during the event in October.

Nominations are based on a variety of categories, the overall influential list takes into account the various categories as part of the Top 100 list.