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BBC Breakfast covers NFB material price concerns

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) continues to highlight the impact of material price rises, which has seen the cost of materials for housebuilding rise by 23.5%, Repair and Maintenance by 27% and Other work, such as civils, go up by 34%. In the last month (March to April), these costs have increased by 3%, 5% and 10.5% respectively.

In terms of individual products, the following products have risen by the following percentages in the last year:

  • Plastic pipes, 12%
  • Doors and windows, 20%
  • Paint, up to 22%
  • Kitchen furniture, 11%
  • Taps, 9%
  • Some heat pumps, eg-Daikin, have increased by 12% and the microchip shortage is expected to increase prices again

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB said: “We don’t see things improving much in the next year and every time we see a positive shift, we experience perverse outcomes. For example, an increased supply of timber is welcomed but prices haven’t dropped as quickly as they rose and the ban of, for example, Russian birch, has increased transportation costs as many pallets are made from this product.”

Eleanor Deeley, Managing Director of Deeley Construction Ltd and NFB member spoke to BBC Breakfast to further highlight the cost and business related impacts on the construction sector and said: “The sudden rises are very volatile. We can experience 30% (price) rises in a week. It’s very impactful on development. Sometimes steel prices are held for four hours, or a day and we have fix prices as early as we can…..Roof tiles are one products we just can’t get hold of.”

We never had this issue with fluctuations of this level.  Projects are having to be put on hold and this is having an economic impact overall.”

Eleanor’s full interview can be viewed below

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