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Directors Unplugged: A day of leadership & Financial Mastery in Ipswich


Step into a one-day bootcamp designed exclusively for directors and decision-makers. The day is divided into two high-impact sessions: one focusing on the Role of the Director and the other demystifying Finance. Get the best of both worlds, all in one day!



Role of the Company Director


To provide participants (people who are aspiring to be in a directorship or are currently in one) with an overall understanding of the role and responsibilities of a director.

To provide an insight into how to carry out the role effectively and to protect both the individual and the corporation, as far as practical from potential liabilities.

✓ How the board functions and board member’s roles
✓ How to run an effective board meeting
✓ The legal role of directors and their compliance
✓ Companies Act 2006
✓ A director’s guide to staying out of jail
✓ Basic statutory and criminal liability
✓ Director and Officers liability insurance

Catch your breath, grab some lunch, and get ready for the afternoon session.


Finance Demystified


Finance Demystified will provide delegates with an understanding of financial accounts, the ideal course for those not from a finance background. Delegates will leave with the
knowledge of how to better interpret their own and others information, a must for all business men and women.

✓ The creation of a balance sheet
✓ An introduction to financial analyses
✓ The creation of a profit and loss account
✓ Interpretation of accounts
✓ Tricks of the trade
✓ Working capital and how to operate it
✓ Cash management

Don’t miss this chance to sharpen your skills both as a director and a financial whiz with this fully funded training.

Trainer information

Jo Haigh is the Chairman and founder of fds, which has bases in London, Birmingham, and Yorkshire.

An experienced dealmaker, Jo specialises in putting together the right deal at the right time and in the right format for growing businesses throughout the country. Since 1989, she has bought and sold approximately 400 companies, specialising in owner-managed companies in addition to selling three of her own companies and undertaking two personal MBOs. In 2020,

Jo passed ownership of the business as part of the company’s succession planning. Jo passed on the opportunity to exit the business via a traditional trade sale in favour of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

In the 1990s, Jo created a specialist director training division, which has been highly successful since its inception. She is a regular presenter on corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions for prestigious organisations across the UK and Europe.

In 2018, Jo also founded OnBoarding Officers, an exclusive community for exiting military officers to help them transfer their skills into the commercial world and become world-class business leaders. This was a result of Jo recognising the untapped skillsets many officers hold, such as exemplary leadership and decision-making acumen, plus their expertise in strategy and risk and cyber security, to name a few – many of which skills are seriously lacking in companies and boardrooms across the country. OnBoarding Officers’ goal is to help officers who wish to transfer into commercial roles post-service by creating a community to assist and support them on their journey.

Jo is currently NED Chair for the following companies: Croma Security Solutions Group PLC, Fresh Start Waste Services Limited, Glenalmond Group Limited, Martyn Fiddler Aviation, and Produmax Limited.

Over the years, Jo has been awarded and acknowledged for her outstanding business achievements and contributions to the organisations she works with, as demonstrated below.