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NFB and AccXel join forces in new partnership

National Federation of Builders (NFB) welcomes educational partnership with AccXel, the new Construction Skills Accelerator Centre.

This partnership is a great opportunity for both organisations to raise awareness of everything we do and stand for in the South West and Wales. Both NFB and AccXel have the same goals for the construction industry which is to reduce the stigma around mental health, improve health and safety regulations and the overall welfare of employees. We will both be working to change the public perception of our industry and encourage more people to pursue careers in the sector.

When speaking on the new partnership, Danny Clarke, NFB’s Commercial Director, has said “I am incredibly excited about our partnership with AccXel, I believe both organisations are passionate about the same topics and together we will be able to create the change that the industry needs to keep bringing people into the industry and retain the current workforce. I very much look forward to seeing how we work together to implement the necessary change.”

Both organisations look forward to everything this partnership is going to bring to them and how they will work to push the agenda for change in the industry.

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