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NFB Claims CITB Consensus ‘A Victory For Accountability’

The National Federation of Builders is calling the CITB’s decision to run consensus this year a ‘victory for accountability’ as the CITB has formally confirmed that Levy Consensus, the process by which the construction industry issues its verdict on the CITB Levy, will go ahead this year.

The NFB has long called for consensus to go ahead, criticising the decision to delay last year and warning against any extension of more than one year.

The Federation wrote to Gillian Keegan MP, the Minister responsible for CITB last year, outlining its concerns regarding the organisation and the need for reform. Members then had the opportunity to put their views to the Minister when she appeared as the keynote speaker at the NFB Large Contractors Forum, leading to healthy discussion.

The National Federation of Builders is a Prescribed Organisation meaning that its members will get to vote on the CITB’s Levy proposals to determine the NFB’s formal response to the consensus process.

Commenting, Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB said:

“We’ve been calling for consensus to go ahead for some time now and expressed our great dismay when it was postponed the first time. Now members will have the chance to hold CITB to account, examine their plans and proposals for Levy in the future and have their say. The consensus process is an essential part of ensuring the industry has confidence in CITB’s ability to deliver the skills our industry so desperately needs. We welcome the confirmation that consensus will go ahead and will do all we can to ensure as many members engage in this process as possible”.

This is part of an ongoing program driven by NFB members, join to have you input into the future of skills in construction….

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