James Harrison – .E. Harrison Builders Ltd

James Harrison is a 65 year old, owner and founder of J.E. Harrison Builders (Kirkham) Ltd. James has
dedicated his whole working life to supporting his employees and the construction industry as a
whole. James is an ambassador for the NFB, he has always been a strong advocate of membership,
encouraging other builders to join and dedicating around 40 years to being an active NFB committee
member. James (J.E. Harrison Builders) has been a member since the early 80’s.

James, started in the construction industry at the age of 16 qualifying as a bricklayer, he then left to
set up own Company in 1981 with no financial backing. Has spent the last 41 years building the
business up and keeping this business going, being involved with his staff on a day to day basis,
always inspiring and supporting each and every one. Employing local tradesmen for 40+ years. James
is passionate about supporting the younger generation of construction workers, and has been and
still is committed to training youngsters in the industry. He has trained apprentices for forty years,
on average of 3 apprentices on the books each year.

James provides career advice and mentoring to his staff. His wealth of knowledge has assisted many
team members to progress a great extent, in their career. When his employees have started up on
their own, James supports them whole heartedly and most often ends up passing work their way.

James has been adding social value to his local area of Lancashire long before ‘social value’ was a
section in tender documents. James has supported his employees tremendously over the years,
going above and beyond for them. Giving loans, paying full pay to employees when they were off
sick for extended periods of time (despite their contract only supplying statutory), he even paid one
staff member’s mortgage for several months so his family didn’t need to worry when he was unwell.

James has repeatedly given jobs to those who are unemployed, men as labourers who have perhaps
made ill choices in the past and are struggling to find work, due to their past. Often these men are so
appreciative of the chance to get back on their feet, they become great employees and really turn
their life around, learn a trade and are good workmen. The benefits of this impacts positively across
the local area, these individuals become tax paying, hard-working operatives on building sites,
enhancing our economy. An example; James gave a man who was released from prison a job,
supporting him, having faith in him, and provided him with experience in construction. That person
has since gone on to have his own company in the construction industry and is employing staff of his
own now.

James has strong connections with schools in the local area and in January, James’s company applied
perspex to an outside hut at a local school so the KS1 children had somewhere to shelter from the
winter weather, this was at James’ own expense. James regularly donate prizes for school raffles
also. Supporting our local community is of the upmost importance to him and always has been.

James has been the Chair for Preston NFB, twice. Chair of North West NFB and National Chair. James
has dedicated 40 years of his life supporting best practice within the construction industry, alongside
supporting our local and national economy.

James continues to serve on the NFB Finance Group Committee.

James is currently President of North Western Federation of Building Trades Employers, he dedicates
his time to supporting the NWFBTE because he cares about our community and the building trade.

James has also been Honorary Treasurer for the NWFBTE for 20 consecutive years.
Served as Preston NFB President – 2004/2005 and 2013/2014
Served as North West NFB Chair – 2006
Served as National Chair – 2006/2007
Served as Past National Chair – 2007/2008
Vice President NWFBTE – 2015
President NWFBTE – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

James is a Trustee of the Benevolent Builders Institution, he has been an active fundraiser,
organising dinners and such to raise funds. Over the years James has raised thousands for the
Benevolent Builders Institution.

Although James doesn’t let this define him, it needs to be mentioned….

Despite having Parkinson’s Disease for the last 10 years, which has deteriorated immensely,
especially since he had an accident late in 2019, which exasperated his condition greatly. James still
makes the trip to London for meetings and to support the NFB. He still shows up to help his
company and his staff. He still honours his place as President and Treasurer for the NWFBTE. He
really is an exceptional man, and has been an asset to the NFB and the Construction Industry as a
whole and we really feel he deserves to win this award – he truly is so worthy and it would be such a
fantastic recognition of his lifetime of service.