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Building Confidence – Training



By the end of this course, participants will have identified their personal blockers that stand in their way of being more confident. They will also have learned some practical and key transferrable skills – based on how our brains our working and how others respond – to overcome them and build confidence which they can use in a variety of situations.


Those who:

  • want to be able to confidently hold their space, find their voice and be heard – so that when you speak, others listen
  • are facing challenging work-based situations where confidence (or lack of it) holds them back
  • need to be able to influence, be authoritative and have impact whilst being authentic and true to yourself
  • may hold themselves back from making the contribution they’re capable of because their confidence (or lack of it) gets in their way
  • want to develop their personal impact and confidence to apply in different situations – both inside of work and out


  • Understand what situations you want to be confident for and discover / identify the personal blocks to confidence in achieving this and how to overcome it
  • Understand the relationship between your values, beliefs and confidence
  • Understand your preferred, and others’ personality and communication preferences to influence with confidence and impact
  • Use techniques to manage emotions and regulate when you’re not feeling confident
  • How to support your confidence through body, tone and voice
  • Apply practical tools and techniques to build confidence and manage emotional states


  • Situations you want to be confident for and different contexts where we experience varying degrees of confidence
  • Confidence and the brain
  • The relationship between values, beliefs and confidence and how to leverage these
  • Identifying your strengths, qualities and attributes to draw on to build confidence
  • Practical tools for managing emotional states when you’re not feeling confident including Neurosculpting® to rewire your brain and create confidence patterns
  • Understanding different personalities and communication preferences and applying this in practice to be able to influence confidently
  • Using body language, tone and voice to build confidence
  • How do I? Challenge resolution.  Application in practice based on a real life situation. Using key coaching, listening and questioning skills.


With support from the People’s Partnership, we are offering this course for £199 (+VAT) per delegate.

Price listed below is VAT included.

For more information call 03450 578 160 or email