Top 100 Legacy Programme

Towards an inclusive construction industry

A year long programme of Training and Support. You can choose from the following. Simply follow the QR code below and let us know what you are interested in and we will contact you with further details.

  • NFB Mentoring – you can receive mentoring from experienced professionals and trades people. You can talk about whatever you want with someone who works in your industry, but not in your company and conversations are confidential. If you are experienced, why not mentor? NFB will match you with someone making their way in the industry. You can offer a listening ear, and you never know, you might learn something too.
  • NFB Top 100 Virtual Networks – it’s not just about what you know…meet other people working in construction through these informal online and face to face networks. Network events happen monthly and you can pick the best events for you.
  • Master Classes – we will be offering eight masterclasses throughout the year. The first one will be about Finding Your Voice. This session will give you the tools to present yourself online and in work in a confident and kickass way. We will set the rest based on what you tell us you need.
  • Pathway Support – we will be offering four pathways- you can follow as many as you like. Each pathway will have masterclasses, events, and online training. The pathways are:
    • LEAD – You can take in ILM programmes at level 3 or level 5. There will be sponsored free places for the ILM level 5 and CITB funding will be available for qualifying companies. Complete free online training offered by the supply chain sustainability school and get involved in mentoring, peer networking and our master classes. NFB can also support you with bespoke support for your company
    • MODERNISE – You can follow online training in sustainability and digital construction. You can access NFB resource guides and support to help your business innovation and adopt new technologies.
    • PROMOTE – You can train as a STEM Go Construct Ambassador and attend special sessions on engaging with young people, career changers and those returning to work, veterans and prison leavers.
    • INCLUDE- You can complete Fairness Inclusion and Respect training, receive master class support on inclusive working and access Top 100 networks and mentoring and NFB guides about inclusivity at work.